Master Airport Equipment B.V.
Master Airport Equipment B.V.


Master Airport Equipment has a wide assortment of dollies to transport aircraft pallets and containers, also known as ULD’s (Unit Load Device). These durable  dollies have good points regarding working conditions, are standard hot dip galvanized and equipped with a swivel or fixed load bed provided with castor wheels and/or conveyor rollers. The steerage consists of a turntable  or fusee steerage mechanism. All dollies are provided with a MAE standard towing hook and a parking brake which has been integrated with the tow bar. The assortment contains dollies for the transport of each valid type of ULD, as well transported in the narrow  (NEP) as width (WEP) orientation. The three types of dollies MAE carries are a container dolly, a pallet dolly and a combined pallet container dolly.

CDL200 - Container Dolly CDL210 - Container Dolly PCW909 - Pallet Container Dolly 10 ft. WEP PCW910 - Pallet Container Dolly 10 ft. WEP
PTR951 - Pallet Dolly 20 ft. NEP 14.000 kgs PWA907 - Pallet Dolly 10 ft. NEP PWC901 - Pallet Dolly Castor Wheel 10 ft. NEP PWC915 - Pallet Container Dolly 10 ft. WEP
PWA916 - Pallet Dolly 10 ft. NEP PWA917 - Pallet Dolly 10 ft. WEP